#1 Go south!
…if you can’t afford it now, save up for next winter and start researching for a cheap and safe place to visit during winter time.

#2 Eat clean!
…this is the most important tip, because every flu starts with mucus forming foods, like cookies, pasta, cheese, milk and most grains. And then it’s aggravated by acid-forming foods, like processed foods, coffee, alcohol, meat, fish, grains, chocolate and even excess seeds and nuts. High carb raw vegan food (after initial detox) will make you highly resistant to viruses.
Bell peppers, oranges and kiwis are some of the best sources of vitamin C – best flu protection!

#3 Sleep at least 8 hours a day.
…this is the second most important tip, especially if you stay in a cold climate! This is the time when your body can finally take over and clean up all the mess that you MAYBE putting in it during the day: bad food, negative thoughts, pollution, toxic chemicals and so on.

#4 Become a sun hunter!
…use any and every possibility to catch the sun, find some sunny place protected from the wind and expose as much of your skin as you can without freezing. Sun will help you to keep these nasty viruses at a respectful distance. Sun is also the only cruelty free source of vitamin D.

#5 Drink at least 2 liters of water every day.
…this is one of the few recommendations most nutritionists on the planet agree on, but it’s overlooked by so many people! Drinking water is the easiest way to keep your immune system up and going. It also cleanses the body from toxins, so it will have less reasons to get sick. We like spring water the best. Find your local spring at the or ask elderly people in your neighborhood. Make sure your water is not too cold, don’t drink water or juice strait out of the fridge!

#6 Move your body!
Only movement can help to pump your lymph through your system to carry away all the toxic waste before your body will get into the “big house cleaning mode” = flu. Find your favorite way to move at least half an hour a day.

#7 Wear your warm socks!
If you are cold – dress up! Bring extra layers, so you can adjust the thickness of your “armor” according to your needs.

#8 Never ever get the flu shot!
Vaccines are full of dangerous toxins and the do not help your immune system, but rather suppress and damage it. You can get more info on vaccines on

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