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Energizing juices

Yummy smoothies

Scrumptious low fat raw vegan salads

Delicious fat free cakes

What’s in our raw vegan recipe book?

Our book has well over a hundred of super healthy, low fat, well combined raw vegan recipes. We also share our personal healing stories, tips on making your food extra delicious and healthy, using the right kitchen tools, explaining the principles of food combining, etc.

All our recipes are super easy to make from very accessible ingredients and only require a simple blender. No dehydrator or other fancy equipment needed.

Energizing juices

Juices are such a wonderful way to get hydrated and nourish your body with easily absorbable nutrients.

Yummy smoothies

Our delicious smoothies will fill you up with pure energy for a whole day.

Scrumptious low fat raw vegan salads

Our salads are very filling thanks to delicious creamy dressings and carefully combined veggies.

Delicious fat free raw vegan cakes

Our cakes contain no nuts, seeds, avocados, oils or processed sweetners. Nevertheless they are very filling, perfectly sweet and delicious.

Savory party snacks

If you would like to bring something raw and healthy to a potluck or a party with your friends, we got you covered!

About our recipe book

Our award winning recipe book is meant to support health enthusiasts. It meant for both, those who are just starting on a raw vegan path and also those who tried this lifestyle but were disappointed by the results or found it too hard to stay on this path. We will show you how to avoid typical mistakes and how to succeed on this incredible lifestyle.

This book will not only give you tons of delicious and satisfying raw vegan recipes. It will also show you how to eat raw without typical troubles, like gas, indigestion and being hungry in half an hour after a meal.

When you make your food with our book, you will feel energized, satisfied and lite in your stomach at the same time. The well-combined raw vegan diet allows your body to heal naturally, so you can get into your best shape quickly, without feeling hungry all the time.

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