Congratulations Jesse… I just watched your video…. The power of fasting!! Great to see that you and your mum are spreading the word and leading by example!! I believe that the way we solve this problem of vaccination in America is by way of leadership and setting an example…that’s what you’re doing!!

Joe Cross

From the movie “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead”

When I first went high raw vegan, I experienced constipation. But, since you advised me to eat more apples during the day, I am not constipated anymore. 

Also, since I’ve changed my diet, my skin is so hydrated that I don’t have to use any hand cream anymore. I also feel more positive and enjoy daily life more.

Sjaan from Netherlands

Jesse, thanks so much for the wonderful consultation! Your passion for living foods and optimal health is very clear. Your knowledge is deep. You’re so caring and detailed. I really appreciate you sharing such amazing knowledge!

Shari Gittleman

Jesse is thorough, thoughtful, patient and has lots of great information and ideas. He helped me a ton figure out the next steps I should take on my raw food journey. I will be going through their course soon and soooo looking forward to it!

Sylvie Johnson Stuart

I want you to know that when I had my heart attack & stroke it was YOUR STORY ABOUT HEALING THROUGH FASTING that inspired me to refuse any cooked food while at the hospital as I told them respectfully “I am happy to drink water only for the 10 day hospital stay”…in my heart I knew I would be O.K. because I knew this guy that I hung out with in Ecuador had healed himself through water fasting…thanks for being such an inspiration to the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dave Conrardy

Jesse is a very wonderful human being. He has such a big heart and his passion for helping people heal and be healthy and happy shines through.

He creates a welcoming space and offers wonderful recommendations and guidance that can be easily added into your life to create the change you want to see in your health.

If you have tried many other detox and lifestyle programs and not seen the improved health you were looking for, I definitely recommend working with Jesse. So you can finally see the true path to health you were looking for!

Amy from Canada

Thank you for having the consultation through Skype with me. I really enjoyed the session. You gave me TONS of valuable information, tips and advice. What I really appreciate the most is that you are willing to work with people based on donation, I think the world needs more people like you. You are an amazing being and a very resourceful coach. I am so glad that I came across you. I hope to meet you one day and have a raw vegan food luck!! Let me know when you are in the bay area. 


Thank you so much Jesse Bogdanovich for helping me to learn how to sleep better, how to eat a healthy raw vegan diet and about the lifestyle that goes along with it! I am very grateful! You have over 20 years of knowledge about the raw vegan lifestyle and foods and that makes you very knowledgeable. 

If anyone is wanting help in regards the raw vegan diet/lifestyle Jesse is the person to learn from because he is truly sincere, kind and very knowledgeable! I highly encourage you/anyone to seek his help and guidance if you want to learn about raw veganism.

Alexandra Wright