Dear friends who is up for Rawgust? Eating raw vegan foods for the month of August or beyond. Get some sun, share a watermelon with a friend and have fun! Start doing more of what makes you happy and less of the other stuff! 🙂 What makes you the happiest? And what makes you less than happy? When we realize this and take action, only then we can become really happy! Yes, it can be challenging at first but it’s so worth it, right? I invite you to follow your heart 🙂 Who is with me?

If you would like positive and loving support with a health challenge or your goals for Rawgust, I have a few spots available to support you. I have been raw vegan for over 15 years and have helped 100’s since 2005 and aim to reach a 1,000 by the end of the year. Who is ready for the next level? To get started visit: https://www.thewholelifestyle.com/raw-food-support
If you know someone who has a health challenge or needs support with the healthy lifestyle, you can share this blog with them.

Our theme song for Rawgust is Raw Power by Jens Wollmerath:

Jens’s testimonial:

I met Jesse on the internet and whatever you may say about virtual friendships – this one went deep! Never met anyone before who was able to motivate me better to keep up a raw vegan lifestyle.I had two consultations with him and it was like talking to someone you’ve known forever. He doesn’t judge you, he doesn’t blame you – he just wants you to have the best possible experience in life. Jesse explained to me how to improve my raw nutrition – not by adding a lot of fancy super foods, but by leaving out and keeping it simple. Just as mother nature had it planned for us. And it works! It’s so great to have met someone who actually believes in what he does and lives according to the simple laws of nature that he is trying to get across to all the people. I am so grateful to have met Jesse! Thank you!
Jens Wollmerath, Musician from Germany

Enjoy the rest of your summer!
☮ & ❤