Living with half a thyroid gland – without any medication.


In 2006 I was diagnosed with cancer in my thyroid gland. The medical professionals told me I had to have surgery of the whole gland and use medication for the rest of my life. When I heard this my inner system was reacting – big time! This news made me turn within, and a long process of self-study, self-development and healing began. At the same time I also left a long term relationship. I chose to have surgery on the left side where cancer was found, though I really did not wanted to have surgery at all. My inner voice told me not to, but at that point I experienced great emotional unbalance so I wasn’t able to handle the pressure around me. I remember I was scared of giving me too much challenges now with only half a thyroid. Could I really manage to heal myself and live with only half without taking any medication at all?

The power within me and the connection with God grew stronger. This became my inspiration and motivation when I had my periods of great challenges. The past 6 years I have chosen to let my intuition and inner guidance lead me to my next steps. A huge emotional baggage I have carried with me for years needed first priority. A lot of fear had to come down to a minimum – so that I could really listen within and take as good care of myself that I was able to. No news on TV, radio or people around me with negative thoughts and behavior. I have struggled with low self-esteem and self-confidence and now after years of really getting to know myself and jumping off the “slave of the mind” train – I found out about the low fat raw vegan lifestyle. I have been a vegetarian for some years when I was younger, and also loving fruits – but as long as I couldn’t find peace within myself – I was not able to succeed eating the way I do now.

I have had great challenges with fear and extreme pain in my body the past years when I have been dealing with shedding off layers after layers of old believe systems. And when I became open enough and receptive I experience how my heart open up more – and as I have read before “when the student is ready the teacher show up”.

And one day a couple of months ago I was looking up on the internet about raw vegan lifestyle and found out about Jesse. I felt drawn to make contact with him. I greatly value our sessions. A few weeks back I received the expected call from my antroposophical doctor who has stood by me and supported letting me make my choices listening within. She has told me several times how exciting it has been for her to follow me on my life journey. When she told me that my tests showed a balanced thyroid with normal values, she just confirmed to me what I could feel in my body. The past years my body has become very sensitive to what I do and what I put in my mouth, so how this is affecting my self-esteem and self-confidence makes me feel so good. It was so good to hear my doctor even say ” this is truly amazing”. It has taken me a couple of weeks to really take in and digest this great news. I am living proof that it is really possible to live with, even half a thyroid, without medication – which amaze me. I feel the greatest influence in my healing process is living on a raw vegan lifestyle eating fresh alive food, and cleaning up the emotional baggage.

Blessings, Lena