monicaTwelve months ago I started having problems with my gut, lots of diarrhea throughout the day. Some days not being able to leave the house. Then I started seeing blood and puss between bouts of diarrhea.

My husband and I went to see an alternative Doc who has a wonderful group and things started to get a little bit better. I had a friend do a deep tissue massage on me and that was the final straw! After the massage I started bleeding heavily, with lots of blood clots. It’s been like this for the past 6 weeks. Very debilitating.

The Doc told me to keep in mind that everything inside my gut is raw open sores which allow food to pass into the blood stream where toxins release. Any solid food, especially my beloved greens from my garden caused extreme pain and lots of bleeding.

I heard about the G.A.P.S. diet through the Dr. Mercola site by a Russian Doc named Natasha Cambell Mc Bride who is curing all sorts of things with her folk remedy.

She suggests cooking up bone with cartilage soups, removing the soft tissue, pureeing it, and putting it back into the pot. Then each day drink as much of it as you wish till the gut heals. But I was still bleeding and didn’t know what else to do. Even pureed chicken soup caused me to bleed like mad. It seemed it was getting worse, so I really had to do something radical, or I could see this turning into cancer. EEEKKKK!

In just 3 days of being on the raw vegan protocol suggested by Jesse I have stopped bleeding, and much of my gastrointestinal pain is gone!

Yesterday we were in Auckland to see our Doc and he gave me a clean bill of health!!! The juicing fast along with other methods did the trick in just 3 days. I stayed on it for 6 days and am eating one solid meal a day now and it’s all good! Thank you so much for your and Dr. Ruza’s advice. You guys are a life savers!

This illness experience has been a wake up call for me. Having been supremely healthy for 65 years I started taking it for granted. Now I know how horrible it is to be so sick, you can’t go outside your home for fear of not getting to a toilet in time.

But the lesson learned is to never stop juicing! John and I made a pack to have a fresh juice for lunch every day. So fruit for breakfast, juice for lunch, and a salad for dinner.

I’m thrilled! My husband is also doing well and listening and responding more to nutritional suggestions having seen what results I got. He is inspired!

Love, Monica