Where the magic begins

danaeMy raw food journey goes back about 4 years ago, when Reny was the one who introduced me to it. Possibly the one of the greatest turning points of my life.
It hasn’t been as easy as it first felt like. There has been happy moments, and there has been painful ones. There has been a lot of drawbacks, too.

But then, thanks to Reny, I met Jesse, and he brought me back to the very reason why I fell in love with the idea, the raw vegan lifestyle.

I mean, there are hundreds and hundreds of videos, loads of information out there on losing weigh, nutrition (not in any case it is good though), enzymes and all, even about the new higher energy you feel physically and mentally – the vibration is powerful, indeed – and that’s all very great. Just that I always felt that there is something missing.

And then, listening to Jesse talking, I felt something touched inside, a very special place, a place that I have hidden very well, out of reach. A place where there is a light, an unconditional love for everything, for everyone, a place that is nothing to do with the ego or even with my own self improvement. It just is, and it shines. Everything is accepted as it is, including myself. It’s a beautiful place. It’s a side of me I felt always there, but hardly ever really reached it, experienced it.

When you are on a raw vegan lifestyle, day to day you grow this „place“ bigger, shinier, developing all that is good inside you, behind all these layers what are not you. So that you realize that this place he touches, you know, this side of you that was hidden so well…That’s not a place, nor is it a side of you…it is…what you actually may call…YOU. 🙂

The thing why I think Jesse’s presence and personal wisdom is so powerful, how he can so easily reach to this REAL YOU, is that all these years he has been doing all that, shining the lightness, living his talk, acting with love and caring, making peace with his body and soul, nourishing them with exactly the right kind of things.

When you come down to it, raw food lifestyle is not so hard or complicated. More than that, it’s the simplest, most natural way of being. As far as I have experienced, at least. 🙂 The thing that matters is to expand all these simple  truths and practices into your life, so it slowly becomes your lifestyle. You don’t need to eat „healthy crap“ that doesn’t taste good neither look eatable, you choose to eat this beautiful and simple food because you choose to nourish your body and soul with the right things and do it every day. Its not a diet to loose some weight and then go back to „normal“ eating, it’s a lifestyle you take up. And it’s worth any struggle or hard time you may get along the way.

Because you see, in my opinion, there is only one way to true happiness and fulfillment. And it’s by turning back to what is really you, what is real to you. It can be hard, as there is so many distractions, so many stimulants, numbing the real you out. Raw food lifestyle is one way to recognize what is real, it gives you the chance to really see what is going on inside you and in the world around you. To feel how you feel about it. To seek behind the surface, to seek inside every dimension of your life. To clean up your world and let go of everything that doesn’t serve you anymore. Cause as long as there is something suppressed, held back, there is a chance to fall, to lose the track and it can hit you pretty hard.

Jesse is not here to tell you what is right to eat or how to act right. He just guides you to your own right. And that is from where all the magic begins. 🙂
He guides you to your own right, giving an example of his passionate one along the way.

Thank you, Jesse, for the endless and nonjudgmental love. Seriously. I could never have expected to have this kind of teacher, a friend and a support. You truly are a gift. 🙂