Do you remember the time when you were a teenager? How you wanted to grow up, get a car, get respect, make lots of money, look serious, be like a grownup. All these things that society made us believe that we need. Do we really, or can it be a trap?
There are many industries out there who’s success is based on people’s imaginary needs. They make you believe that you need all these products, you need a bigger house, several cars and all this clothing and jewelry because it gives you respect from other people or makes you feel more fulfilled in life. But every time we get something, we discover that is doesn’t give us real happiness, only a brief satisfaction, that passes quite quickly leading to the next wish and next and next.

There is a very simple way out of this witch’s ring. Just become grateful for what you are and what you have right now. It might be very difficult for the majority of the people, but it is a very simple act. Every child does that automatically. So we don’t have to learn nothing. We just need to drop our stagnant adult’s ideas and beliefs.

When you becoming an adult, you also desperately need to be right in an argument. Because this is the quality of your parents you always wanted to yourself. You were probably hoping that this will give you what you want. And when you’ll get that, it will make you happy. This wanting of something can make you constantly worry about the future. “Will I get this thing? How can I get this? Why I am not getting this?” Besides the future, adults also need to protect their past, because they think that this is who they are.



Little children don’t have much of the past, so they don’t have to worry about protecting it. The concept of the future and respect is yet undeveloped. Free from past and future, a little child spends most of the time enjoying the present.

Yes, adults have obligations, that children don’t have. But dwelling in the past or future does not help to perform any tasks or work. Giving all your attention to the present on the other hand helps to perform excellent at any job or being a great parent. So it is totally possible to be carefree and happy as a child while being productive at work and caring for your children.

Your mind might have other excuses for not being happy now, like painful life experiences, regret, shame, loss. But do you want your mind to trick you and rob you of your life? You can ask yourself who is benefiting from your pain? What it is good for? Maybe you can drop it? Imagine just for a minute, that you dropped all your worries, all your past and pain. Do you feel that fresh breeze of childish happiness coming over you? It is always here, right in front of you, just waiting for you to open up!

From many people’s near-death experience we know, that probably every person is opening up to that universal energy in the end of life. But why wait until the end? Just wake up now, you will make happy not only yourself but all the people around you!

Try a 30 day challenge, be more child like and do the things you love and really want out of life, enjoy the moment more, go out into nature, try to talk to that inner child and find out what really makes you happy in the core of your heart. As we like to say, “find your passion and make it happen”.