Your Raw Food Summit gift bag

Hi, there! Thank you for joining Jesse’s talk on the Raw Food Mastery Summit 2020! 

As a big thank you for being here and wanting to get healthier and happier, here are a few free gifts and some massive discounts for you during the summit.

UPDATE on the 10th of May: We still have a few consultations by donation left to offer you! All the free consultations have been given away, thank you. 
Also, we only have 3 spots left in our online program: Raw Vegan Ninja Success System, and it’s 50% off till the 14th of May at midnight.

UPDATE: We raised the free consultation limit to the first 30 people and the consultation by donation to the first 20 people.
Right after Jesse’s talk aired on the summit, about an hour and a half later, we received well over 10+ requests for the free consultation, and 8 for the consultation by donation. Jesse agreed to give away more free sessions and by donation sessions 🙂

1. Free consultation with Jesse (first 30 people only) 

The first 10 people who listened to Jesse’s talk and would like a FREE consultation can email or message Jesse on FB the words he mentioned during the interview to revive a FREE 30-minute session/consultation (value $75) 

2. Consultation with Jesse by donation (second group of 20 people only) 

The next group of 10 people who missed the free consultation can still talk with Jesse and revive a 30 minute or 1-hour session/consultation by donation. 

To get your consultation by donation, you can email Jesse here or message him on Facebook here:

Usually, a 30 min consultation goes for $75, and the 1-hour session is $150, but you can donate what you can afford and what you feel it’s worth to you. 

Find out more about Jesse’e consultations here:

3. Free e-book for everyone!

“Best Tips And Recipes To Go And Stay Raw Vegan”

In this e-book you will find:

  • 20 best tips that will help you to go and stay raw vegan from long-term raw vegans (21 + 12 years).
  • 12 delicious raw vegan recipes with photos from our award-winning “Simply Vibrant Recipes” book.
  • Regular price: $4 US dollar, but for you during the summit, it’s 100% free.

Get our free e-book here:


4. 40% off our popular recipe book “Veggie Power Meals”:

Regular price: $12 US dollars
With your discount: only $7.20 US dollars
Get the book here:
The discount code is: JesseReny2020

5. 40% off our award-winning recipe book “Simply Vibrant Recipes”:

Regular price: $16 US dollars
With your discount: only $9.60 US dollars
Get the book here:
The discount code is: JesseReny2020

6. 50% off our brand new program: Raw Vegan Ninja Success System   

If you would like to go further with your health, happiness, raw vegan food, and lifestyle, join our brand new online program Raw Vegan Ninja Success System. If you join our program during the summit you will save 50% off and get both of our recipe ebooks: Simply Vibrant Recipes and Veggie Power Meals as a FREE bonus. 

For those of you who don’t know Jesse’s story you can watch it here.

Let Jesse know how you liked his talk on the summit. Here is his FB page :

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