The Cure is in the Cause

You can eradicate any disease or life problem, once and for all, by knowing the true cause and eliminating it.

The Cure is in the Cause will take you on an exploration of that which is not a secret but rather the overlooked and totally missed truth of Nature’s immutable law of cause and effect. When you draw on this wisdom, you can eradicate any disease or problem and make simple connections that will set you free.

This simple truth has finally come to light at the time when the world desperately needs it in order to continue our survival. This guide book has the power to crystallize your perception of why, where and how in your life’s situation, you and your loved ones are affected with consequences, so that it can direct you step by step with truth and light for an awakened future. It will change lives forever and finally free humanity of dogmas and any disease.

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Dr. Ruza’s new e-book “The Master Key To Health”

Dr. Ruza Bogdanovich has a new e-booklet THE MASTER KEY TO HEALTH. It will literally unlock the mystery to your health challenges. You will find out the truth of why you have been sick and how to remove what caused it in the first place, naturally, without unnecessary drugs or surgery.
Amazing price of only $9.00 dollars. This master key will change your life for the better.



The Cure Is In The Cause

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Love Your Pet Let Nature Be The Vet

In “Love Your Pet Let Nature Be The Vet”, it will simply be explained how everyone can have a happy, healthy, long-lived pet at minimal to no vet bills. It is all a part of natures way and all you have to do is read this book and apply this simple truth. You and your pet will be so glad you did!

Of all the living beings on this planet, humans and their pets have the most degenerative diseases; cancer, diabetes, heart conditions, epilepsy, etc. Does it make sense? All living beings, humans and pets included, used to eat only raw food. Today they eat mostly processed, cooked, denatured and chemically laden food. Since we are all living beings, we all need living food that contains enzymes, a life force, a catalyst for every function of the symbiotic living cells. Could it be so simple?

Not knowing the truth is way too many of our pets and us humans are sick and suffer needlessly. It is due to nutritional misinformation – the lack of true information.
Find out how simple it is for your pet to be well and at peace, and for YOU not to feel guilty any longer. Allow Nature to guide you with this truth so you will have positive consequences. Why, because Nature is not negotiable, it is essential.

Take a look at what other people are saying about Dr. Ruza’s Book:

Dr. Ruza’s book: “Love Your Pet Let Nature Be The Vet” contains much vital information not readily available to the public. It should be -read – and – reread by every man, woman, and child who wants to have a long, healthy, happy life for their pets, free of pain, suffering, disease, surgery and unnecessarily high cost. – Dr. Edwin Flatto, MD.

Love Your Pet Let Nature Be The Vet, is written in an easy to understand style. With her heartfelt words, Dr. Ruza takes the complex subject of veterinary medicine with its underlying politics and economics and makes it simply accessible to everyone.
– Denise S. LaBee, Natural Health Practitioner, and writer.

In Love Your Pet, Let Nature Be The Vet, Dr. Ruza has put together a critically important collection of information to enhance not only our pet’s lives but also our own. Having been a promoter of natural health and raw nutrition for my entire adult career, I have noticed that many people make the choice to become healthier and happier once they see what natural healing can do for their pets! Take Dr. Ruza’s advice, observe the transformation in your pets, make healthier choices for yourself and, of course, remember to have the best day ever! – David Wolfe, author of The Sunfood Diet Success System, Eating For Beauty and Naked Chocolate, founder of the non-profit Fruit Tree Planting Foundation (

“Love Your Pet Let Nature Be The Vet” book is now available in e-book format.
You can get it here.

NB! You can get “Love Your Pet Let Nature Be The Vet” in Croatian here.


“The Cure Is In The Cause”

In Nature, there are no rewards or punishments, only consequences. Nature came before science, yet it is being manipulated to fit the interests of groups or organizations with grants and the money for scientific research to prove something for their own benefit. Let’s face it, the Earth was round before the scientists told us so. Does it even matter? All confusion fades once the facts are known.

The truth has been covered up so that the majority of us are not made aware of it from an early age in the schools and media. They teach us in a way that emphasizes memorization, in order to pass tests and further education that is information–based. Knowledge is the only information that can be taught, yet it does not necessarily mean that the truth was thought. Wisdom – truth is a transformation that comes from within. It is symbiotically related and cannot be achieved by the wrong information; rather it comes from Natures laws, the experiences that are self-evident, that it prolongs life and survival of all living beings, and mother Earth too.

Not knowing the truth is why too many of our pets, and we humans, are sick and suffer needlessly. It is due to nutritional misinformation – the lack of true information. Find out how simple it is for your pet to be well and at peace, and for YOU not to feel guilty any longer. Allow Nature to guide you with this truth so you will have positive consequences. “Nature is not negotiable, …. It’s essential.”

“All Truth Goes Through Three Stages: First it is ridiculed. Then it is violently opposed. Finally, it is accepted as self-evident.” – Schopenhaur

Also available soon: Too Much Thinking, Not Enough Pooping (Part I) and Instant Whole Food Raw Recipes (Part II) by Ruza Bogdanovich, ND, and Sean Bogdanovich.


About an author

Ruza Bogdanovich holds a Doctor of Naturopathy and Nutrition from Clayton College of Natural Health and is a member of the American Naturopathic Medical Association. In addition, she has studied privately with some of the great masters of natural health and healing like Dr. Bernard Jensen. She gives credit to the pioneers and proponents of natural health, Dr. Bernarr, Dr. H. Kellogg, Dr. R. Mendelson, Dr. Christopher, Dr. Herbert Shelton, Dr. J. Tilden, Dr. R. Anderson, and all the other true healers who have followed Nature’s Law and helped heal people without drugs or unnecessary surgery.

Ruza is an internationally renowned lecturer and consultant on raw food nutrition and healthy living. Her groundbreaking book, THE CURE IS IN THE CAUSE , prompted articles in health magazines, appearances on TV and radio, and lead to a local Public Television series on natural therapies and true nutrition. She is co-founder of The Cure is in The Cause Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated exclusively to the truth behind true nutrition, prevention of degenerative disease, and most close to her heart, the health and well-being of our children and pets. The Foundation works tirelessly to develop public awareness and understanding of Nature’s healing processes. She adamantly believes the body, given the right opportunity and removing the true cause of disease, does its own healing.

Her latest book, LOVE YOUR PET, LET NATURE BE THE VET, pre-sold hundreds of copies before even being published. She has another book scheduled for release this June. This book is actually two in one: TOO MUCH THINKING AND NOT ENOUGH POOPING and INSTANT, WHOLE FOOD RAW RECIPES , written by her son Sean Bogdanovich, a trained, certified living foods chef.

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