Q & A

How much exactly does your retreat cost?

Our retreat cost depends on the length of your stay and if you wish to stay in the room alone or with your partner, friend or family.
You can see our prices here http://retreat.thewholelifestyle.com/prices/
To calculate your stay, choose your option and multiply the price by the amount of days you wish to stay.

Were is your retreat located?

Our retreat is situated on an island in Croatia nearby the city of Split. We will give you all the information after you book your stay.

How to get to your retreat?

To come to our retreat you will need to fly or take a bus/train/car to Split, Croatia. From the Split airport you will need to take a 1 hour bus ride to the seaside in the center of Split and take a ride to our island by catamaran or ferry. You can take your car on the island by ferry. You can also rent a car on the island if you wish. We will give you more instructions on how to come after you book your stay.

What does my retreat stay include?

Your stay includes:
* A little 2 story traditional Croatian house all to yourself
* Raw vegan food – 3 times a day (with snacks in between, if you need to – your room will be stocked with fresh produce and spring water)
* Raw vegan food making classes 1 to 2 times a day
* 1 lecture per day about healthy lifestyle, ecology and happiness
* 1 personal consultation per day
* Exercise of your choice and meditation in the morning – once per day
* Iridology sessions and individual consultations with dr. Ruza either in person or over Skype
* 1 reflexology session with Jesse
* If you stay for a week or longer, your program will include free visit to the famous Blue Cave. Available only until the middle of September.

Is your retreat kid friendly?

Yes, we love children! You can bring your kids as long as you keep an eye on them and take full responsibility.

Is Your retreat dog friendly?

Yes, we love animals and they are welcome! The only thing is that your dog should be properly trained to go to the bathroom and free from ticks and fleas. We have a little park where you can take your dog for a walk and to the bathroom. There is also a dog beach where you and your dog are free to swim.


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