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Kind and wise raw vegan support.

18 years of experience.

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Jesse gives you the ultimate support with:
* raw food
* emotions
* healing
* weight issues
* social interactions, etc.

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Belly friendly.

Raw vegan.


Our book will give you over a hundred delicious and satisfying raw vegan recipes and show you how to eat raw without typical troubles, like gas, indigestion and being hungry in half an hour after a meal. So you can feel energized, satisfied and light in your stomach at the same time.

Well combined raw vegan food allows your body to heal naturally, so you can get into your best shape easily, without feeling hungry all the time.

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One blissful week of sailing on a luxurious yacht in a calm sunshiny sea.

Tasty, organic, mostly locally grown raw vegan food prepared on board.

Lifestyle education from one of the few raw vegan pioneers in the world.

Sightseeing, yoga, meditation, massage and swimming.

This is nothing less than a dream vacation!

The Whole Lifestyle

Epic raw vegan cruises in summer 2017

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